The most notable are the 
two million visits the city received and the return generated, which, according to estimates by the Council, multiplied the investment made by 25, which amounted to 825,000 euros. In this way, it would be around 20 million, which in turn 
would put the cost per visitor at only ten euros .

Despite being a dizzying fact, Caballero said that the calculation is «very conservative» and that it does not take into account the impact generated by the different appearances in the media and how much it would cost in advertising to have that impact. However, the councilor was not able to provide a statistical or economic basis to support his estimates, beyond the counts of people established in the Porta do Sol tree and the Urzaiz Lamppost.

The mayor said that these figures are confirmation that a «successful route has been opened that we have to continue taking advantage of, because once you enter the tourist routes, you are already located.» Thus, from now on the objective will be that someone who plans a trip during Christmas thinks about coming to Vigo .

“Vigo’s brand image grew exponentially; the references in the media and social networks are countless ”, he added.

Other figures
In addition to the global numbers, the Council offered other data. According to the statistics managed by the Local Police, vehicle traffic in the city grew by a quarter of a million compared to 2017, despite the fact that that year was already positive.

Likewise, Caballero recalled that many chartered buses arrived in Vigo from different Spanish towns, that the trains were fully occupied on weekend afternoons, that the shipping companies transported 10,000 more people than in 2017 and the Vigo buses moved more of 814,000 travelers.

Likewise, the average occupancy during Christmas was 67 percent but on the Constitution Bridge and on other designated dates there were peaks of 100 percent.

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